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Dad and Daughter Talk Real Estate


Co-Hosts John Herreid (Dad) & Kristen Hagopian (Daughter) – just to make it clear who is who.

The show is designed to help people to make decisions that are right for them, when they think about buying or selling residential real estate. John advises them about the critical factors they need to understand like timing, locations, affordability and market trends.

Kristen brings the money saving, long term wealth growing features of real estate to the show in a way that makes them come alive for listeners. In addition she brings a keen wit and lots of down to earth humor to the show.

When you have questions about selling or buying a  house in Chester or Delaware counties, this is the show to listen to for free advice that is actually worth a lot.

John Herreid is a full time realtor with Keller Williams Real Estate. He has been a leader in listing and selling residential real estate since 2001. After a 35 year career in the corporate world, he decided to launch a second career in real estate.

He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering from South Dakota State University and an MBA in Marketing from Widener University. With this educational and experience background, he uses a business and data driven approach to real estate transactions that is designed to get the best price for you, whether you are selling the biggest asset you probably ever will ever own or buying that first or move up house. He has been married for 49+ years to the beautiful and charming mother of their three daughters, of which Kristen Hagopian, his co-host on the show, is the oldest.

His web site is Please go there to check out both his blog and testimonials from dozens of satisfied clients.

Kristen Hagopian is the host of her own syndicated radio program, The Kristen Hagopian Show. It is heard on 51 stations across the country, including WCHE, on Thursdays from 4 to 5.

She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where she earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has been married for 20 years and is the mother of Katie (11) and Robbie (8).

After her first child, she decided that motherhood was the most important career and she decided to work from home. She launched a successful internet based baking business and wrote a book “Brilliant Frugal Living” in which she published secrets that allowed her to trim tens of thousands of dollars from their family budget. You can check out some of the secrets by going to

Or you can order her book, “Brilliant Frugal Living” from Amazon. Tune in to see how she applies “Brilliant Frugal Living” to Real Estate, under the astute and loving guidance of her father of course.

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John is a full time realtor with Keller Williams Real Estate. Keller Williams is the largest real estate company in the world in terms of numbers of agents. He has 15 years of real estate experience complemented by over 35 years in corporate management with Fortune 500 Companies.

John is a graduate engineer (BS and MS) with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Widener University.

John’s driving principle is that he wants to make sure that people have the information they need when they are making a decision to either buy or sell a house. Please click on this hyperlink to see how he advises people who are considering the sale of their house.

John is also an active blogger who writes frequently on high priority real estate topics. To see recent examples of his comments, please click on this hyperlink.

As part of his commitment to providing people with the information they need to make the right decisions about buying or selling a house, John provides a no cost, no obligation monthly email report that keeps you informed about what your neighbors’ houses are listing and selling for. This service also sends you an automatic email every time a house that is comparable to yours either goes on the market or gets sold. To get signed up for this service, just go to and fill out the simple form.

The best recommendations come from past clients. Here is a recent and typical testimonial from a satisfied client.

Greg and Monica L., Recent Sellers and Buyers

 We had the pleasure of engaging John to assist us in both buying our current home and selling our former home. In finding our house to buy, John exceeded our expectations at all levels. He is highly attentive to details, attended each and every meeting at the house, inspections with the several different types of inspector’s , followed up with us promptly with any questions we had and was the quintessential professional throughout. Our transactions saw us making an offer on one house and obtaining an inspection with unfavorable news. Despite John’s losing a considerable commission he candidly advised us about the risks involved if we went forward. We then found the original house we wanted to buy that went back on the market.  John swiftly engaged the seller’s agent, met us at the house that same night and was by our side throughout. I must add also that it was determined that the sellers agent was not candid, made misrepresentations that all but sabotaged the deal.  John involved the broker in his agency and ultimately the transaction was finalized. John then listed our prior home whereby we had 4 offers in 4 days and sold it swiftly.  John’s assistant and team were also outstanding.  I would recommend John unconditionally for either/both the sale or purchase of your home.”  

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Recent “Dad and Daughter” Radio Shows

Recent "Dad and Daughter" Radio Shows